DIY extravaganza!

The DIY xmas gifts and party drinks courtesy of pinterest ideas came out reallh lovely…

L to R: mocha cocoa, sundae gift kit, pomegranate love potion drink, pomegranate syrup (delicious amazingness), vintage calendar



Currently obsessed with Pinterest – which is like a huge board of creativity similar to Etsy.. I found a great holiday gift idea for Mike and holiday garland idea for our party. It was fun to get creative and find some ideas at the craft store.. and a good way to keep myself busy when you only have days off during the week and not the weekend – boo!

The best part of the DIY present is it gave me an excuse to visit my favorite vintage store Miss Pixies for some ridiculous postcards.. what doesnt say love like awkward families on postcards? :) Pinned Image

Courtesy of Design Sponge (T) & Whisker Graphics (B)

December race bust

You’d think that after having two somewhat unpleasant December races (picture sleet, sheets of ice, and low 20s temp) we’d figure out that maybe December ain’t our thing and we should focus on things like hot cocoa, good movies, and heat. Alas in a valiant effort we shuffled into the hot chocolate races hosted at national harbor! We ran the 5k together (well started together before he who shall not be named had to pee and his wife ran solo) this being after gross amounts of traffic and starting over an hour late! Ew!

20111208-150123.jpg             20111208-150130.jpg

highlight of event – guy dressed as Buddy the elf (L)… and us smiling well before we realized we’d be waiting another 40 mins till we started :) (R)